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Joseph Kannarkat Awarded Inaugural Kanders Churchill Scholarship to Study Health Care Policy at Cambridge University

Joseph Kannarkat, a former fellow in the 2016 Conte Center for Translational Mental Health Research Undergraduate Research Program has been awarded a 2018-19 Kanders Churchill Scholarship at Cambridge University. Joseph is expected to graduate this spring from the University of Pittsburgh Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences with dual degrees in economics and neuroscience and a minor in chemistry. Following his graduation from Pitt, he will start his studies in the Cambridge Master of Philosophy in Public Policy program in October 2018.

Beginning in his freshman year, Joseph began working with Dr. Matthew MacDonald using mass spectrometry-based proteomic approaches, statistics and bioinformatics to investigate synaptic protein network alterations in schizophrenia. He was instrumental in the development and validation of a targeted proteomics assay to investigate synaptic preparations. In addition, he used r-based software packages to perform network analyses of the complex data sets generated by the approach he helped develop.

After his year at the University of Cambridge for the Kanders Churchill Science Policy Scholarship, he hopes to attend medical school.
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